Growing uncertainties in the market place, coupled with abundant opportunities has pushed working professionals whereby he/she are permanently on the verge of a breakdown.

Last minute travel plans, unscheduled customer meets, pressure to deliver results etc etc… Coupled with family concerns are a few examples that threaten the life/health of the working professional. Little wonder that ailments, which normally strike at old age has, began to evidence itself at age groups of 35 to 45yrs. Health statistics established beyond doubt the alarming monetary loss cost to an organization, arising out of ill health leading to constant absenteeism. Increasingly the emphasis is shifting from professional competence to fitness, health and professional competence. The age old axiom “Survival of the Fittest” has become the prime consideration of organization at the time of hiring professionals. To facilitate the transformation to remain fit companies have in their own premises Fitness centers manned by expert fitness trainer.

Health insurance can only limit the risk element it in no ways provides any measure to cover.“Wellness/Fitness”. The rising cost increases in premium rate is measure concerns to organizations covering their employees under a group medi-claim policy. This cost increase coupled with increase in loss of productivity caused by absenteeism is the growing concern of all organizations.
This is exactly where the role of Emedlife’s wellness programmes comes in as a timely answer for your growing concerns.

Studies & Fact

Studies say, low productivity and growing absenteeism, or even a regular-but unhealthy employee strength of 5% can cause a tremendous impact on the company’s performance in the long run.

Moreover, costs of employee health insurance have also largely amplified due to uncontrolled health claims that are being logged in.


In the knowledge age, people truly are the largest assets an organization invests in. Employee Health and Wellness, therefore has become a larger part of every organization’s core strategy, the world over!

About our Value Added Services

Emedlife’s “Value Added Services” is a unique 360 degree services capable to handle your
organizations healthcare needs.

Value Added Services are specially designed on preventive measures rather than curative.

Value Added Services has been developed and is updated periodically with the in dept knowledge and vast experience of Emedlife in the field of healthcare.

Value Added Services is backed by the team of Doctors and experts having long term experience in healthcare sector.

Value Added Services Offerings

  • Preventive health talks by Expert from healthcare industry which are tailor made to suit your organization’s requirements
  • Preventive healthcare camps to monitor health status of your employees, leading to improved employee wellness quotient
  • Special discounts Pharmacy, Healthcare and allied products
  • Periodic newsletters and informative materials on preventive healthcare
  • Assisting and managing preventive health checkup for your employees and their dependants
  • Assisting with expert opinion on healthcare consultation
  • Assistance on appointments for specialty and super specialty consultants
  • Reminder service for health checkups and comparative health analysis

Benefits to your organizations

  • Healthy and more productive employees
  • Gradual reduction in health insurance claims; thereby reducing your health insurance premium cost without any changes in the existing features of your policy
  • Value Added Services will work as great retention tool to manage your employees’ attrition rate
  • Descending graph of absenteeism
  • Ascending graph of organizations productivity