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Hi Ruchi,

This email is a heartfelt thank you for the co-ordination done by your team member Manu Sharma. My Dad suffered from a stroke this last Saturday, and was taken to Artemis hospital in Gurgaon. I found out at the time that the insurance cards that I had with me were from last year and I was not in the possession of the necessary details of my insurance. I received Manu’s phone number from Sumina and had a chat with him over the phone.

He is extremely helpful and a thorough professional.  He guided me through the steps required for my Dad’s admission, and got a certain amount pre-approved right away. Throughout my Dad’s stay at the hospital, he was never more than a phone call away.

His helpful nature came to the forefront at the time of discharge from the hospital. Not only did he guide me but called me back after 20 minutes to inform me that the TPA from the hospital had not sent in the request yet. The discharge process was completed in 1 ½ hours and went smoothly.

P.S I also received a call from the guys from Paramount asking me if everything went according to my expectations. It did. They were to send out an email for feedback, which I have not received yet.

--Nitin Yadav

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