Affinity & MSME

Affinity Insurance

Our Affinity program works towards providing your associates, customers, and other affiliated organizations with convenient, affordable, enhanced insurance solutions. No matter the size and standing of your business, We at Emedlife will provide you with insurance solutions that suit the needs of you and your members.

Need for Affinity Insurance

The reason to adopt the Affinity program varies from business to business. But in addition to reducing overall cost of a portfolio insurance, Affinity also offers the following

  • End to end technology platform
  • Full-service brokerage abilities
  • Predictive analytical methods, reporting, and retention strategy
  • Access to comprehensive industry data
  • Broking capabilities to get competitive rates and best products
  • Exclusive carrier relationships
  • Innovative client delivery
  • Risk management expertise

Why Affinity Works

By offering convenient and cost-effective insurance benefits through Emedlife Affinity Network, organizations can:

  1. Increase revenue potential
  2. Improve member acquisition, retention, and loyalty
  3. Offer insurance designed for a globally distributed membership base
  4. Receive dedicated marketing and customer service support

Advantages for Affinity Members

When affinity organizations partner with Clements, their members can:

  1. Choose from a broad range of insurance products with worldwide coverage
  2. Provide protection for members and their families
  3. Access competitive rates
  4. Conveniently enrol via a dedicated online portal

Why Us?

When you partner with Emedlife’s Affinity program, you will almost immediately understand that we build collaborative relationships which adds immense value to your business in the long run. Our team of experts is ever ready to analyse and understand your needs and create an innovative cost-effective solution designed to enhance the value of your member program.

Whether you want to increase revenue potential, attract, and retain members, enhance customer loyalty, or gain competitive advantage, Emedlife Affinity can help you meet your objectives.

Talk to us today to know more about our Affinity Solutions and how Emedlife can add more value to your business.

MSME Insurance

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises are the backbone of our economy, but have been traditionally under-insured in India. An incident at the company, or to the promoter of the business, can result in irreparable loss from which the company may not recover. Insurance cover helps protect against such losses.

A few key insurance policies, which every Indian MSME should purchase is:

  • Fire and Burglary Policies for premises, factory & warehouse.
  • Group Health Insurance for your employees
  • D&O Liability cover
  • MBD/EEI policies for your equipment
  • Other key covers, depending on your industry and operations

Emedlife works closely with MSMEs to build insurance awareness, recommend critical insurance products and coverage, negotiate pricing on client’s behalf, and most importantly – settlement of claim.

Key Insurance products, which MSMEs can consider, are:

  • Property: Fire & Burglary, MBD/EEI, Motor Fleet, Office Package
  • Employee Benefits: Group Health, Group Personal Accident, Group Term Life, Workmen Compensation
  • Marine: Marine Cargo Inland, Marine Cargo Import/Export
  • Liability: D&O, Professional Indemnity, CGL, Cyber Risk, Trade Credit
  • Promoter/Directors: Family Health Insurance, Keyman Policy, Term Life

Why Us?

Proper risk management reduces the likelihood that risks will materialize and, if it does, insurance reduces or eliminates the financial impact. Emedlife can help MSMEs resilient to shocks, helping them to be more financially sound through proper guidance about the best suited insurance products for them.

Talk to us today to know more about how we can add value to MSMEs and thereby helping them mitigate any possible risk.


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