Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Insurance should be first thing to be taken after purchasing a Car. A financial safeguard for a large variety of situations, Private Car Insurance is one of the most important purchases to make. Whether it is a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood; or somebody damages or steals the car, a Car Insurance takes care of it all. With compulsory factors such as third-party liability, one can ensure that any damage to another person’s life or property by his vehicle will be covered in a claim. You can also opt for the Motor Insurance Add-on plans, such as zero depreciation, engine & gearbox protector, emergency assistance, cost of consumables etc. which enhances your coverage for better protection, in addition to your standard motor insurance policy.

Need for Car Insurance

Driving in India is an adventure and like all adventures it comes with its own unavoidable risks. Traffic indiscipline, lack of legal enforcement by road authorities, road rage and myriad other complaints about the traffic scenario in India are just some of the issues faced by drivers daily. Cases of road accidents and rule-breaking are reported in the newspapers daily. Considering these factors, it is important to get car insurance right after one buys a car.

What it Covers?

  • Accidents
  • Theft and Burglary
  • Third party liability
  • Natural disasters
  • Man-made disaster
  • Third-party Losses
  • Compulsory Personal Accident Cover – CPA (Owner– Driver)

What it does not Cover?

  • Drink and drive
  • Driving without valid license
  • Commercial activity
  • Mechanical and Electrical components
  • Tubes and Tires
  • Regular wear and tear

Why Us?

Our auto insurance policy is comprehensive and flexible enough to fulfil all your auto insurance needs. Our auto insurance team has extensive experience in both handling policy issuance and claims settlement while also ensuring that they follow a quick turnaround time. This makes it more practical to get your automobile insurance through us.

Talk to us today to start protecting your vehicles at an affordable price and for reliable claims management.

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