Claims Management

Claims Management

At Emedlife we strive to work on behalf of our clients and ensure timely and fair settlement of all their insurance claims.

At Emedlife our singular goal is to ensure that our clients have a stress we claim management and settlement process.

No matter the nature of your claim, it is imperative that you notify either the policy insurer (where a helpline is in operation) or us, as your insurance broker, as soon as possible. In the event of crisis, Emedlife will guide you through the claims process.  Our Claim team aims to promote openness and co-operation between parties to resolve claims as quickly as possible.

Our Claim team aims to prevent or minimize the risk of further occurrence by establishing a process from which claims can be reviewed and any lessons learned identified, examined, implemented, and reviewed.

We believe that through our range of claims services, we are uniquely placed to provide skills and resource to meet all claims challenges.

Claims handling and Management: Proactive claims processing and handling with clear protocols within a measure-driven environment, to provide a high-quality and efficient claims service for clients.

Claims Advocacy: We offer strategic and practical advice on major claims, delivering solutions by our technical expertise and long-standing insurer relationships.

Claims Consultancy: Pre- and post-loss claims services, enabling clients to understand and minimize claims cost, impact, and frequency.

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