Group Personal Accident

Group Personal Accident

Group personal accident insurance, as the name suggests, is a group insurance policy that covers accident mainly for the employees under corporate group insurance. It is available for both, the employees and board or owner of a company.

Need for Group Personal Accident

Businesses or organisations understand the significance of their employee’s health and well-being and therefore choose to protect them with Group Mediclaim and Group Personal Accident Insurance. Personal Accident Insurance provides with easy to manage policies typically covering accidental death and disablement, loss of salary due to accidental injury and/or sickness and other associated benefits for all covered persons.

What’s Covered?

  • Accidental death
  • Medical expenses incurred due to accidents
  • Permanent total disability due to the accident
  • Permanent partial disability caused by an accident

What’s not covered?

Death due to

  • Suicide & Self-Inflicted Injury
  • Persons enrolled in any branch of police, paramilitary, military & armed forces of any Country, whether in peace or war.
  • Accidents under influence of Alcohol, Drugs, or other Intoxicants
  • Participation in Riot, Felony, Crime or Civil Commotion
  • Learning or operating any Aircraft.
  • War, Civil War, Invasion, Insurrection, Revolution, Act of Foreign Enemy etc,
  • Nuclear Damage
  • Adventure & Dangerous sports
  • Childbirth & Pregnancy

Why Us?

Emedlife offers both individual personal accident insurance and group personal accident insurance plans. Individual personal accident policy covers individuals while the group personal accident policy covers a group of individuals. Also, we understand the importance of swift response and efficient service in handling claims, which makes it more practical to get health insurance through us. Access your insurance policies through single login, service requests, MIS, and renewal alerts.

Talk to us today to start safeguarding your health and secure your financial future at an affordable price and for reliable claims management.

For registration of claims and to learn more about our claims process please contact our dedicated claims team for advice on an incident/claim.

D&O Policy protect company director or officer from legal liability arising out of actual or alleged wrongful acts in managing a company.

  1. The policy covers a wide range of litigation that could arise from customers, vendors, shareholders, employees.
  2. In addition to defence cost, it provides cover for :
  3. Investigation Cost
  4. Entity Protection against Employment Practice Liability claims
  5. Outside Entity Directorship cover,etc.


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