Industrial All Risk Insurance

Industrial All Risk Insurance

Industrial All Risks Insurance offers a wider coverage than the traditional “Standard Fire and Special Peril Insurance policy”. It is an all risk policy covering a wide range of perils such as fire and allied perils, burglary, accidental damage, breakdown as well as business interruption.

Need for All Risk Insurance

As a factory or plant owner, you put in the maximum possible efforts required to ensure a hassle-free, effective, and productive functioning along with the safety of your employees. However, there may still be unfortunate and out-of-hand events like fire, burglary, monsoon flood or even a power failure might occur. In such scenarios, the Industrial All Risk Policy can help you keep your production process and business secure.

What is covered?

  • Section – I: Material Damage – It covers accidental physical loss or damage (including machinery breakdown) to the property insured (other than excluded property) due to any cause (other than excluded causes).
  • Section – II: Business Interruption – It covers loss due to business interruption following a Physical loss or damage to the property covered under material damage section of the policy. Loss of Profits arising out of machinery breakdown is optional.

What’s not covered?

  • The Company will not be liable under the Policy in respect of loss or damage due to
    • Faulty or defective design materials or workmanship inherent vice latent defect gradual deterioration deformation or distortion or wear and tear
    • Interruption of the water supply gas electricity or fuel systems or failure of the effluent disposal systems to and from the premises
  • Unless Damage by a cause not excluded in the Policy ensues and then the Company shall be liable only for such ensuing Damage.
    • Collapse or cracking of buildings
    • Corrosion rust extremes or changes in temperature dampness dryness wet or dry rot fungus shrinkage evaporation loss of weight pollution contamination change in colour flavour texture or finish action of light vermin insects marring or scratching
  • Unless such loss is caused directly by damage to the property insured or to premises containing such property by a cause not excluded in the Policy.
    • Property damaged because of its undergoing any process
    • Property undergoing testing installation including materials and supplies thereof if directly attributable to the operations of work being performed thereon unless Damage by a cause not otherwise excluded ensues and then the Company will be liable only for such ensuing loss
    • Vehicles licensed for road use (including accessories thereon) caravans trailers railway locomotives or rolling stock watercraft aircraft spacecraft or the like
    • Property in transit other than within the premises specified in the Schedule
    • Property or structures in course of demolition construction or erection and materials or supplies in connection therewith

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