CA PI Insurance

CA PI Insurance

Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance is the safety net that protects you if your practice’s risk management strategies fail.

If a client or third party is unhappy with your advice, they may hold you, their Chartered Accountant, legally responsible and make a claim for economic loss. Chartered Accountants can also be found liable for breach of contract, negligence, or breach of statute, such as misleading and deceptive conduct in consumer protection laws.

PI Insurance will assist with protecting you personally, your employees and your business against claims.

Need for CA PI

Professional indemnity policies for chartered accountants basically cover the legal liability, which the insured could incur by way of losses to clients arising due to acts of omissions or errors on the part of the insured, or his paid employees, named in the proposal. Such acts committed should be while rendering professional services.

However, delays caused by the insured himself, like loss suffered by a client due to delay in filing of his return by the chartered accountant, are specifically excluded from the scope of the professional indemnity insurance.

What’s Covered?

  • Defamation
  • Misleading & Deceptive Conduct
  • Loses/Damages arising from fraud
  • Defence costs
  • Breach of intellectual property rights

What’s not covered?

  • Criminal acts & fraud
  • Infringement of plans
  • Injury
  • Wilful acts

Why Us?

With the rise in financial frauds and gross malpractice being reported from all over the country and courts being more empathetic towards the consumer, more and more Chartered Accountants are at the risk of being sued. It is therefore imperative for CA’s to protect themselves from such lawsuits. At Emedlife we ensure you are well covered for any such lawsuits that may arise during the course of your practice.

Talk to us today for all your Chartered Accountant’s PI insurance needs at an affordable price and for reliable claims management.

For registration of claims and to learn more about our claims process please Contact our dedicated claims team for advice on an incident/claim.

D&O Policy protect company director or officer from legal liability arising out of actual or alleged wrongful acts in managing a company.

  1. The policy covers a wide range of litigation that could arise from customers, vendors, shareholders, employees.
  2. In addition to defence cost, it provides cover for :
  3. Investigation Cost
  4. Entity Protection against Employment Practice Liability claims
  5. Outside Entity Directorship cover,etc.


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