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At Emedlife, you get the best of both worlds – the freedom and autonomy.

Emedlife is packed with resources, job match system help job seekers and current employees find the Emedlife career path that’s right for them. The company strives to promote from within, and encourages employees to pursue opportunities that align with their goals. Emedlife also provides employees with information to learn about career opportunities and tools to express their interest in different roles.

Emedlife’s culture of service thrives on appreciation, recognition, and celebration. The company works to appreciate every employee all over India. Emedlife’s employees take time to recognize each other through formal and informal ways, including internal awards,programs and celebrations organized in each Branches.

Celebrating is something that Emedlife is known for—the company history is full of fun and creative events, and employees enjoy annual company wide celebrations such as Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi etc.. On top of company-sponsored events, employees enjoy participating in Annual Offsite held at attractive destinations.

Employees that feel included and in the loop on important decisions are motivated to be more engaged and do their best work. Emedlife even found transparency was the #1 factor contributing to employee happiness. Emedlife strongly follow the same and believe in Prioritize transparency.

Emedlife says feelings of safety, belonging and mattering in employees can improve communication, collaboration and alignment, which ultimately boosts company revenue. Once you’ve defined your culture and hired people who align with your values, encourage them every day to be themselves, follow their instincts and get involved with the rest of their tribe.

Most importantly, we have the right combination of commercial acumen and empathy for people. And we are always looking for associates who share our dream of making Emedlife country’s largest and most respected Insurance Broker.

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