Group Business Travel

Group Business Travel

As a growing organization costing is extremely crucial, and overseas med-claim polices are one mandatory area which at times steals your cost. The concept of group travel enables a corporate customer to choose a custom-made plan for the corporate which offers both benefit and savings at an economically viable price.

Need for Group Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance offers an annual coverage period and provides cover for All Directors, Officers and/or Employees of the Insured, and special persons traveling with the Insured person.

The Corporate Travel Policy is specifically designed for either Small Business, Large Companies or even corporations that require Travel Insurance coverage for their Employees while traveling Internationally.

Whether it’s a mishap abroad, or lost business documents, passports, and personal belongings during the trip, travelling on business can be stressful without the right insurance coverage. Accidents or illnesses that happen to key staff members while representing your interests abroad, or even a family crisis back on the home front can also distract them from the objectives of their business trip.

The following benefits are provided in Corporate Travel Policy Document:

  • Security & Safety: Extensive corporate travel insurance will provide security and safety in the unexpected emergency medical evacuation. Types of travel insurance providers which offer the entitlement for the evacuation to the home country and everything is insured under the single time premium payments. There is no need of monthly or yearly payment when purchasing the corporate travel insurance policy.
  • Repatriation & funeral Services: A corporate travel insurance policy will even offer repatriation of remains. If in case the traveller dies on foreign land, the insurance policy will cover funeral service costs, or the costs required to repatriating the remains back to home country.  All this will become mandatory during the event of death. Also remember, the travel insurance policy for the business tour provides this convenience feature in the insurance coverage.
  • Dental expenses: A corporate travel insurance policy will also cover unexpected emergency with regards to dental expenses so you can conveniently combat the circumstance without paying out from your pocket. Still dental issues hardly occur, the insurance policies are still offered to provide a traveller with total coverage.

  • Medical Facility:  A corporate travel insurance policy will also offer facility for medical service benefit in case of hospitalization possibly caused by health issues or any kind of accidental injuries. You must confer with the insurance provider on the details of the hospital cash coverage and deals offered thereof.
  • However, almost all of the travel insurance providers will not provide the travellers with the reparations and unfortunate occurrences caused as the consequence of Civil War or Foreign War, Terrorism, Personal Inflicted Injuries, Suicide, Non adherence to medical advice, influence of liquor, narcotics or drugs, AIDS or HIV, Nervous and Mental Problems, hazardous sports like parachuting, hang gliding, bungee jumping etc.
  • Offer Fresh Passport making charges: The corporate travel insurance policy will also offer the claim for the overhead costs been charged for making a new passport. The insurance policies for this type of coverage is quite a flexible one therefore you must confirm from the insurance provider at once.
  • Compensation Offer for delay in flight: Corporate travel insurance plan also offers compensation under the holiday insurance policy for business trip if the flight is delayed for more than 12 hours.

What’s Covered?

  • Death, permanent or temporary disablement tailored to business needs.
  • Cover for all employees, with no pre-existing conditions exclusion.
  • Cover for all trades, occupations, or activities.
  • All countries included (except where mentioned or restricted by law)
  • Evacuation cover following any cause, including terrorism and natural disaster.
  • No excess – unless specifically agreed with clients.
  • Bespoke claims handling and quick claims settlements – small baggage and money losses

Why Us?

At Emedlife our expert advisors help clients identify and reduce the risk their employees face before travelling, with a wide range of services from pre-travel assessments and advice as well as help if an incident does occur.

We believe in protecting and assisting our clients no matter where they are. We provide you with all relevant information before hand and our experienced claims team will ensure they are prepared for all emergencies.

Talk to us today for all your travel insurance needs at an affordable price and for reliable claims management.

For registration of claims and to learn more about our claims process please contact our dedicated claims team for advice on an incident/claim.

D&O Policy protect company director or officer from legal liability arising out of actual or alleged wrongful acts in managing a company.

  1. The policy covers a wide range of litigation that could arise from customers, vendors, shareholders, employees.
  2. In addition to defence cost, it provides cover for :
  3. Investigation Cost
  4. Entity Protection against Employment Practice Liability claims
  5. Outside Entity Directorship cover,etc.


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