Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Need for Liability Insurance

Depending on the degree of harm and the number of people injured and/or value of property damaged, a lawsuit could bankrupt your business. Even if your organization is ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing, a determined plaintiff can keep you tied up in legal proceedings for a long time, entailing significant cost to defend yourself. Liability insurance pays the cost of your defence and protects your assets.

Good liability risk management can reduce the chances that your business will be sued, but it can never eliminate the risk entirely. You or a member of your organization can make a mistake that injures someone or damages property. Your mistake could harm the reputation or interfere with the privacy of a customer, client, competitor, or member of the public. When such injuries occur, you may be legally liable to pay damages to someone who suffers a loss due to your actions or inaction.

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Although only certain countries have made this type of insurance mandatory, most industries, especially those that influence third parties such as visitors, trespassers, etc. Regardless of whether it is mandatory or not, most companies procure it to avoid unnecessary risk.

Certain small industries do not procure liability insurance policies as the premium is quite high, however, in the event of any claims, the legal costs will usually outweigh the premium costs. Therefore, procuring this policy is usually more prudent. This risk increases exponentially when these locations are shopping centres, theatres, clubs etc and areas where sporting events are held and places that allow consumption of alcohol. In cases where the risk is extremely high, policy providers either refuse to insure these liabilities or charge an exorbitant premium.

This is again not a compulsory insurance requirement in many countries, but it is highly important. This is procured by companies whose products are widely used such as chemicals, tobacco, medical products, food, recreational products, and others.

This type offers cover to liabilities that an employer may incur if an employee is injured during his/her employment due to the job. Sometimes, companies do not deem this as important but if faced with a claim, they might be driven to bankruptcy.

This policy covers damages caused by the insured to another. The insured is considered as the first party, the insurance company is the second and the third is the injured or the person/company making the claims.

For registration of claims and to learn more about our claims process please Contact our dedicated claims team for advice on an incident/claim.

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At Emedlife, we are backed by almost 20 years of experience and extensive research, and our dedicated small business insurance team helps every business owner, like you choose the right liability insurance suited for your business. Our claims specialists and response teams always have your back.

Talk to us today for all your liability insurance needs at an affordable price and for reliable claims management.

For registration of claims and to learn more about our claims process please Contact our dedicated claims team for advice on an incident/claim.

Who needs Liability Insurance?

Agriculture/Farm, Construction, FMCG, Hospitality, Real Estate, Transport & Logistics, Energy, Manufacturing, Public Entities.


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